Credit control

Smailes Goldie is proud to have partnered with Inksmoor Group to provide credit control services. Credit control couldn’t be a more important function to any business as the UK’s payment data shows that the average number of debtor days is constantly on the increase. SG Outsourcing has launched a bespoke confidential credit control outsourcing function for businesses of all sizes to help remedy late payment, poor cash flow and lack of working capital.

Credit control outsourcing will bring the following benefits:

  • continuity of service
  • improved cash flow
  • improved paper trail
  • improved working capital
  • pro active approach to reducing debtor risk
  • reduced bank charges
  • reduction in bad debt
  • staff that are free to concentrate on core business issues

How does it work?

This is a fully confidential service so your clients will not be aware that you are outsourcing. All you have to do is provide us with an up to date customer list and a ledger on a regular basis and we’ll do the rest. Alternatively, we can work directly on your system by secure remote access.

We will recommend a course of action based on our experience in cash collection techniques and structured around your terms of trade. We are pro-active in our chasing and will contact your customers before the invoices are due to ensure that any queries are dealt with promptly. Finally, all payments from your debtors will go directly to you; we don’t handle any money.

How much will the service cost?

The price for this service is calculated by the number of live debtors and any additional activities that are needed. The fee is an all inclusive monthly fee that is paid in arrears with no lengthy contracts.

How can I arrange a meeting?

For more information about our cost-effective outsourced business services, please call us on 01482 423858 to arrange a free, initial consultation or click here to request a call back

"I have been using MoneyCorp for about a year and a half for paying various suppliers in Euros and USD. The website is very easy to use. I particularly like being able to save suppliers' bank details so I don't have to set them up each time. There is an array of tools you can use if you wish, for example to alert you when a currency reaches your target rate, although often I go for the spot rates when I want to make a payment. Upon booking a currency you quickly get an email through confirming the amount you need to transfer to MoneyCorp, followed by another email once the transfer to your payee has been made. The whole procedure is smooth and quick and the exchange rates are competitive. "

Maura Chacksfield - SG Technical Systems Ltd